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Backward Capacity for the X-Box

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The Xbox 360 was one of the most successful videogame consoles, yet with the Xbox One, the question has been asked about backwards compatibility between the systems. Many people have bought the Xbox One, yet were disappointed to find out some of the Xbox 360 games are not compatible with the new system. People were excited to hear about backwards compatibility between Xbox 360 games and the Xbox One when it was announced in 2015. However, this compatibility only works with certain games, leading to many people asking why they cannot play all Xbox 360 disk games on a Xbox One.
Eighth grader Max Roman said, “The limited backwards compatibility between the consoles is bad, and I feel it should be fixed. More games should be ported between the consoles.”
Microsoft has said on its FAQs that the company will keep working on making more Xbox 360 games backwards compatible with the Xbox One. The reason not all Xbox 360 games are compatible is due to the fact that both systems use different hardware. This makes it necessary to have to update the Xbox One so it is able to run the older games from the 360. Xbox has been and will be continuing to add more 360 disk games to be able to run on the One console, although games downloaded will automatically show up on the One “Ready to Download” list, according to the Xbox website.
“I was sad at first because that’s what I bought the One for, playing 360 games,” explained eighth grader Jake Knoke, “but now it doesn’t really affect me because I downloaded the games.”
Many Xbox games have already been ported from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. That number has reached over 300 as of the beginning of April. With Microsoft’s intention of porting, or adapting, software, nearly the entire Xbox 360 library will be available on the Xbox One eventually.
Since a significant number of Saint John students own a Xbox 360 or Xbox One, this leads to a desire for cross-platform play. The fact that not all games have been ported might cause disappointment for some members of the community. Because some people will have to wait for certain games to be ported, it might cause some frustration. Gaming is a big part of culture now, and being connected over Xbox and other platforms is influential to many people.

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Backward Capacity for the X-Box