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Should Saint John’s Expand Its Athletics Program?

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Saint John School has basic athletic options, but do students want more? Saint John’s has sport options like basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball, but I think students want options like softball, swimming, lacrosse, field hockey, color guard, dance team, tennis, baseball, track team, equestrian, Frisbee and more.

For years, Saint John’s has always had common athletic options that allow each student to be part of a team, learn how to work with their peers, and participate in athletic activities.  I think that one conflict with offering more sport options would be finding an appropriate place to commence these activities. With St. John’s community, I think it is very possible to work together and find a way to accomplish this. While building new areas for these athletics isn’t necessarily needed, new coaches would be necessary. A good way to solve this issue would be continuing to find parents who are passionate about the sports, like Saint John already does.

Miss Nichelle Allen mentioned that All Hallows Academy in La Jolla had the same sport options under the Catholic Sports League of San Diego (CSLSD).

“I would love to coach track and rugby at this school,” said Miss Allen, who used to coach these teams. Miss Allen said that she would love if the school had rugby, track and field, and cross country teams.

“A gym would be awesome! For sure, students should get involved in more sports! School spirit! Teamwork and bonding with friends equals fun!” she added.

Mr. Dan Schuh says that many years ago they expanded to K-4 soccer.

“I would be open to adding additional programs if it fits with our Catholic Parochial League, and we have adequate facilities and coaches,” he stated.

Mr. Schuh also mentioned that the biggest impact to the school would be adding a gymnasium. He said that it would be a large undertaking, but with support from the school and parish, he hopes that the school is eventually capable of undertaking this large project.

I think if the school could expand its athletics program, it could help students get a better idea of what they may like to do in high school or pursue in the future, without having to leave their peers from school, to play on a team of almost strangers. Being on a team with students from the school could allow students to become closer and build stronger relationships with one another, which could potentially build life-long friendships.

Carly Ruddle in Mr. Brian Mariano’s class mentioned that her school had all of the same sports at her old school. It could be a lengthy process trying to get all of these extraordinary sports at the school, but could be done with determination from Mr. Schuh, new appropriate buildings, and equipment suitable for all of these sport options. Adding these options could give students an opportunity to try new things and go outside their comfort zones. This could allow students to perhaps exercise different parts of the body and strengthen already-strong parts of the body. As everyone is constantly growing, different options of exercise allows students to grow into a healthy body.

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Should Saint John’s Expand Its Athletics Program?