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Do Children Still Receive Allowance?

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Many children in first-world countries earn allowances from their parents for chores or for just being a well behaved child. In Ms. Larissa Cruz’s first grade class, there are ten children out of twenty that earn allowance each week from their parents. In Mrs. Lisa Palecek’s second grade class, fifteen out of twenty get paid a weekly allowance from their parents for doing chores around the house.

Emily Zettle in Mrs. Lisa Palecek’s second grade class talked about what type of chores she does.

“I clean the windows, feed the fish, take out the trash, clear the dinner table after meals, and take my neighbors’ dogs for walks. Normally, I get paid about three dollars a week, but sometimes my parents give my five dollars.”

Brandon Conley also in Mrs. Lisa Palecek’s class listed what type of chores he normally does around the house.

“I clean the dishes, clean the mirrors and windows, clean my playroom and pick up all of my toys, and feed my dog,” he said. “I get paid three dollars each week from my mom and dad.”

In Mr. Matt Gaulin’s fifth grade class, half of the students (thirteen out of twenty-six) have some sort of allowance. In Mrs. Emily Mohan’s sixth grade class, there are twelve out of twenty-four students have allowances. In Mrs. Donna Marrero’s third grade class, thirteen out of twenty-three kids have allowances. In Mrs. Haley Mendes’s fourth grade class, fourteen out of twenty-nine kids have allowances.

Nick Felago in Mrs. Emily Mohan’s class said, “I earn $5 a week for taking out trash, cleaning up after the dog, cleaning toilets, and washing my parents’ cars.”

In Mrs. Karen Klenk’s sixth grade class, eight out of twenty-four kids have allowances.

Sixth grader Cary Kordas stated, “My allowance is one dollar a week. I take out the trash and sometimes do the dishes.”

In Mr. Brian Mariano’s seventh grade class, only four of eighteen students have allowances, the lowest rate out of any classes polled.

After polling a variety of classes form a variety of grades, it seems that age does not affect whether a child receives an allowance or not. It is if the child does chores or not which affects if they receive and allowance or not.

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Do Children Still Receive Allowance?