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Softball vs. Soccer: Both Competitive and Fun

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Softball is a sport much the same as baseball, but it is for girls. Soccer is a universally known sport, which is popular pretty much everywhere. There are many differences between the two sports, but also some similarities.

Softball is played using gloves, bats, helmets, and some additional padding on the legs for sliding. The goal of the game is to score more runs, or points, than the opposing team before time runs out. To do this, the player must hit the pitched ball and get to the first base before the other team fields the ball and throws them out. The team grows very close throughout the season and learns to play with each other in trust.

“My favorite part is probably being up to bat because of the adrenaline rush,” said Ailey Pierik in Mrs. Karen Klenk’s sixth grade class.

Soccer is very much the same in the aspect of friends and trust, except the ball is bigger and more bouncy, and the players may not use hands, only their feet and body. The sport is played on a large grass field. The goal is to score more times than the other team on the opposite net, or goal. Again, the teams grow very close to each other and become almost like family.

“My favorite part is probably when you score a goal and celebrate after,” said Zach Watson, also from Mrs. Klenk’s class.

Both sports have their fair share of hardships and fun aspects, but both are equally as fun and as difficult as the other.

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Softball vs. Soccer: Both Competitive and Fun