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Summer’s Hot Sun and Hot Spots

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Summer is almost here, which means school is almost over. During those awesome two months and 10 days, everyone will be hanging out at beaches or hot spots. Some people are going on vacations, too!
Many of the Saint John students are traveling over the summer. Some are going on little trips, such as camping, and others are going out of the state or even out of the country.
Lily Mahoney, a sixth grader in Mrs. Emily Mohan’s class, stated, “I am going to Europe: France, Germany, Italy, and Venice. We are also going to go hiking!”
Trevor Elliott from Mrs. Karen Klenk’s class said, “I am going to Cardiff beach to boogie board and body surf.”
Other students are going nowhere and are staying home to sleep. Michael Krummenacher from 6M is doing exactly that.
He expressed ecstatically, “Yes I am excited to go nowhere… I am going to one camp, Fiesta Island,” he said. “I am going to sleep, and then I am going to sleep some more.”
Out of 24 girls in the fifth grade, only two are not going to the beach. Sixty-seven percent of the class is going out of California (16 out of 24), and three girls (8%) are going out of the country.
Summer is just around the corner, and whether traveling or staying home, students will be exploring new places and enjoying new activities.

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Summer’s Hot Sun and Hot Spots