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Christmas Baskets

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Saint John Parish and School made 180 baskets this year!

Every grade was assigned goods to bring in for the baskets, such as pasta, peanut butter, and cake mix. These goods are later put into baskets to send to families that are less fortunate. This program is led by Saint John’s second grade.

One of the second-grade teachers, Mrs. Lisa Palecek, said that the school was “giving back to people in our community in Encinitas”.

Spenser Garman said that what she liked most about the Christmas baskets was “to help the people less fortunate and helping them get a Christmas dinner.”

Talisin Burton said what he liked about the Christmas baskets was “going to different classes.” The second graders would go to each class to collect the donations that the students had brought in. The other second-grade teacher, Mr. James Preston, said what he thinks is important about the Christmas baskets is that “it shows that we are following Jesus’s example of giving of ourselves.”

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Christmas Baskets