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Relevant Radio

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Relevant Radio, previously known as Immaculate Heart Radio, is a Catholic radio station devoted to creating a better understanding of Christ and bringing people to the faith. It is on the AM frequency at 1000 AM and is a non-profit organization funded through donations, as well as advertising.

Mrs. Sandi Watson, the president of the Saint Vincent Di Paul conference at Saint John Parish, said she “learned about it before it started, in San Diego.”

In Relevant Radio’s various talk shows, it discusses why some variously outdated things happen in Church, as well as talks about how to be a better Catholic, and where to apply what listeners have learned through the Church.

Mrs. Watson said, “I think the Drew Mariani show would be the best for Saint John Families because, at 1 o’clock, he lets people call in for people they want to pray for. He then dedicates a prayer to each person’s intention.”

The radio website, relevantradio.com, talks of issues and poses questions like “If my Rosary is blessed, will I receive extra graces?”

Relevant Radio has brought people back to the faith and can strengthen faith in God. Its website says that a few of its many goals are to “produce public service messages for local parishes, schools, and Catholic ministries,” as well as to “coordinate local Relevant Radio gatherings and events.”

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Relevant Radio