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Apple Watches

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Apple watches are used all around us. They are mostly used for their easy access and modern design. As of 2015, Apple watches were banned from Saint John School because of the cheating that could have happen in tests or important assignments.

Braden Deneen from Mrs. Karen Klenk’s sixth grade class stated, “I would not like to have Apple watches because they are expensive, and not everyone has them.”

Braden’s classmate, Gavin Wilson, stated, “I would like to have Apple watches because most clocks don’t work, and they don’t fix them. I would rather have an Apple watch than a normal clock because they do more than just show the time.”

Apple watches are the new modern watch that offers more than just the time. Apple watches also have an activity rate, date, different background images, many time zones, reminders (like when you are dehydrated, it tells you to drink water), styles, the ability to be waterproof, and emergency contacts. Apple watches do not supply calculators, internet access, or a camera.

On Apple watches, you are not allowed to have Internet access because it goes to your phone. During school hours we wouldn’t have our phones so the Apple watches would not work. If the Apple watches did work, you would have to talk into it. You are not allowed to text with your hand on an Apple watch.

Most Apple watches need their phones to be powered on. Lots of kids power their phones off so that they do not make noise at school. Apple watches need their phones to be connected and powered on to connect to apps. If we were allowed to have Apple watches, we would not be able to cheat on tests since it would not be connected to a phone.

Also, Apple watches supply students with how much activity they do throughout the day. This would be very useful for physical education and how much effort is put into it.

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Apple Watches