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Mrs. Jones Mug Club

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Mrs. Amy Jones talked to her eighth grade students about a “Mug Club.” Mug Club involves students bringing a cool-looking coffee or tea mug to school on a certain day, and brewing hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or any hot drink you desire at school.

Mrs. Jones told her class all about how when she taught third grade at a different school, the kids would bring a mug on a certain day of the week. She described how much the kids loved it and how great it could be for the eighth grade at Saint John’s. The whole class thought of it as an amazing idea.

Mrs. Jones explained her opinion about a real Mug Club, maybe not every week but on special occasions.

“It would be all inclusive, dietary safe, and for special occasions,” she explained. “As 8th graders we could pour ourselves a cup of tea and try and connect on a more relaxing level.”

Sixth grader Kuanu Rivera from Mrs. Karen Klenk’s class said, “It’s a good opportunity for students to bond in a unique way.”

Mrs. Jill Burke, assistant principal, has reservations about starting a Mug Club.

“While the Mug Club does sound like a fun idea, there would be several logistical issues that would make it impractical,” she said. “First of all, providing beverages to a group of 20-30 students once a week is a large expense for teachers as well as time-consuming (purchasing and making the beverages). Second, how would all these beverages be kept warm? There would be many accidental spills on the carpet causing more expense. How would all the cups be cleaned? Finally, this would take time from instruction.”

Although Mug Club sounds fun to many students in eighth grade, there are some ways that it can interrupt with the education of the young people. There are pros and cons to everything, that is why we should always consider both.

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Mrs. Jones Mug Club