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New Class Schedules

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Throughout the past several years, Saint John Middle School has had the same class schedule, although this year every Wednesday school gets out at 1 p.m. Students are interested in having changes to the schedule, such as odd and even days that intermix with other classes in the same grade.

Many schools have a schedule that is given to them at the beginning of the school year. Also, many schools get to choose their electives as part of their class schedules. Here at Saint John School, students are given a different schedule every day. For example, students are always with the same group of kids that they are with in their homeroom class for each subject except during middle school specialty classes. On the other hand, in middle school, some students go to a higher grade to do advanced math. Also, students in seventh and eighth grade have an option between journalism and STEM.

Mrs. Jill Burke, vice principal, stated, “Since we are a small school, it limits our class offerings. We do our best to mix students during specialty classes.”

Max Colucci in Mrs. Emily Mohan’s sixth grade class stated, “I like our schedules now, and our teachers organize it very well. I really like how all of our subjects are spread out and how math and language arts are repetitive. I would really enjoy it if we had class schedules, and I would really like it if we could choose our electives.”

Also, in Mrs. Emily Mohan’s class, Claire Grilo stated, “I think that the schedules we have now are okay. I would really like it if we were given our own schedules.

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New Class Schedules