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Grandparent’s Day 2018

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Every year in February students take the time on Grandparents Day to celebrate their grandparents and show them how much they cherish and appreciate them.

This year, around 400 grandparents visited Saint John School. They started their day with some breakfast in the courtyard as they were welcomed by the school and the Student Council. This was followed by visiting their grandchildren’s classrooms where they could also meet the teacher, view the class’s work, and do a fun activity with their grandchildren. After that, the grandparents headed up to the parish hall for entertainment. Kindergarten through fifth grade sang songs, and individual middle schoolers read poems about their grandparents.

Sophie Howard from Mrs. Emily Mohan’s sixth grade class stated she was grateful for her grandparents because “they are kind, giving, caring, and loving.”

Sophie loves going to the mall as well as going on trips to South Carolina with her grandparents.

Carter White from Ms. Veronia Halen’s first grade class stated, “I like to play board games with them.”

Carter also loves his grandparents because they are funny.

Mirah Lazare and Silas Herrera, two kindergartners from Ms. Larissa Cruz’s class, said that their grandparents were very loving.

“I love to eat ice cream with them, and I love their hugs,” said Mirah.

Two grandparents, Stephen and Noeline Quinn were both very excited to visit their grandson, Kieran Quinn, in Mr. Brian Mariano’s seventh grade class.

“My favorite thing to do with Kieran is going to the beach with him and going to Notre Dame with his brother and father,” said Mr. Quinn.

They also said that they loved Kieran’s enthusiasm.

Another grandparent, Eleanor Neely, was looking forward to spending time in the classroom with Sarah Brownlee, a fifth grader in Ms. Lauren Logan’s class.

“What I love the most is sitting and talking to her and playing with the cat and dog with her,” Mrs. Neely said. She also said that she loved to play ping-pong with Sarah.

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Grandparent’s Day 2018