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Sweats on Non-P.E Days

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Many Saint John students disagree with the uniform policy about not being allowed to wear sweats on non-p.e. days. Sweats are considered “p.e. attire” only for both girls and boys.

Chace Grachowiak in Mrs. Donna Marrero’s third grade class stated, “I only like wearing sweatpants on cold days. I think we should be able to wear sweatpants on any cold day.”

His classmate, Mckinley Hanlon, said, “I think it is unfair because when it is a cold day, we have to wear skirts, and skirts are uncomfortable sometimes.”

These students agreed that it is unfair that the students are not allowed to wear sweatpants any day.

Mackenzie Blevins in Mrs. Deborah Quinn’s fourth grade class gave her opinion.

“I like wearing sweatpants—they’re comfy,” she said. “I’m always mad I can’t wear it on non p.e. days. It’s not fair because when it’s cold on rainy days and there’s no way to keep warm.”

Most of the students had the same answer around the subject. Many talked about when it is cold outside, they prefer to wear sweats and think they should be allowed to wear them.

Nicco Botto in Mrs. Quinn’s class said, “I don’t have any [sweatpants], but I don’t think it’s fair we can’t wear it on non-p.e. days because it gets cold on some days. The boys’ pants are not that comfortable and doesn’t keep you that warm.”

Many students had the same opinion on the idea of wearing sweats on days without p.e. They believe students should be able to wear sweats on cold days because other clothing doesn’t keep students as warm. However, some teachers had other thoughts.

Athletic Director Miss Nichelle Allen said, “I think it’s better to keep to the uniform because there are different assemblies and activities you are engaged in. It looks better and more professional.”

Mrs. Jill Burke, the vice principal of Saint John School, stated, “We offer a lot of options for warmth: there are pants, tights. The sweats are more casual and intended for p.e activity. I think what we need to do is to say that feedback to the uniform company.”

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Sweats on Non-P.E Days