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8th Grade Journalism Field Trip

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This year’s annual Saint John journalism field trip was a unique experience. The Class of 2018 journalism group visited both the Los Angeles Times and Homeboy Industries on March 20.

Early in the morning the group of 26 students and four chaperones met in Oceanside and took the Metrolink train north to downtown Los Angeles. After arriving downtown, the class walked to their destinations from the train station. This year Mrs. Teresa Roberts, the FIA and journalism teacher, was able to get the class a rare opportunity to tour Homeboy industries as well as the LA Times. Saint John has not had the opportunity to tour Homeboy Industries since 2011, when journalism was still an after-school club, not a class.

Before the trip, Emory Rodriguez in Mrs. Jenae Smith’s class said, “I’m excited to take the trip with my journalism class, it will be a good learning experience. I’m also excited to see where real journalists work.”

The class went to the LA Times to experience journalism in the professional world. They toured the newspaper offices, seeing all the different steps to creating the well-known LA Times and also inspiring students to maybe pursue a job in journalism. During this trip, the students also learned how they could improve the Eagle Pride Publisher.

“I thought the journalism field trip was very informational and fun. I learned a lot about how articles work and the fundamentals of journalism,” said Sophia Petraglia.

Along with going to the LA Times, the students took a tour of Homeboy Industries. They were able to see how Homeboy industries was run and what the organization does to help those who have struggled with gang-related activity.

Eighth grader Sophie Jones exclaimed, “This was a very interesting and great way to handle these types of situations. I wonder where the people we met would have been without Homeboy. The organization was really well run and seemed like a very good way to help people.”

While one of the two groups was taking the tour of Homeboy, the other was enjoying a lunch from Homegirl Cafe. Homegirl is one of the business options Homeboy has provided. It is a café located on the Homeboy Industries property where people can get jobs.

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8th Grade Journalism Field Trip