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8th Grade Girls Basketball

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The basketball team made up of girls in the Class of 2018 has done extremely well in past years. This year they plan on doing the best they can in season and attending the Our Lady of Peace tournament at the end of the season.

Last year the athletes were undefeated in season and did very well in the post-season tournament, even though the team was one of the only seventh grade teams in the tournament. This year they are eighth graders and more prepared.

Sophia Petraglia in Mrs. Amy Jones’s class said, “I am very excited for basketball because I like the coach, and practices are fun. I think we will be able to do as well as we did last year. I am looking forward to winning this season.”

The team consists of nine players: Shea Brown, Emilie Carbine, Abby McQuaid, Cynthia Meyers, Sofia Meyers, Taylor Peters, Samantha Armstrong, Sophia Petraglia, and Bella Towne. Samantha Armstrong, in Mrs. Jones class, is new to the team this year. The coach is Mr. Trey Brown.

Samantha Armstong said, “I am very excited because I have never done it before, and the coach seems nice.”

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8th Grade Girls Basketball