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Skiing or Snowboarding

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It’s winter time, also known as the most wonderful time of year. There is Christmas, Christmas break, and, for some people at Saint John’s, skiing and snowboarding.

Many people from the school go up to mountains like Mammoth or Big Bear to ski or snowboard. An Encinitas Christmas is seventy degrees with maybe some rain. It is also near the beach. People can’t ski or snowboard here, but they can at Mammoth or Big Bear or in Utah or Montana. In those places, there are huge mountains covered in snow.

There are many people on those mountains. Some ski and some snowboard, but what does Saint John’s like best?

In 8S, seventy nine percent of the class said they liked skiing the most, and about twenty one percent said they liked snowboarding.

Cameron Brown in 8S loves snowboarding and has since he was young.

“I like snowboarding because whenever I get to go I see my uncle and he is a professional snowboarder. I also like the feel of a board better than skinny skis,” he said.

Zoebelle Hinojosa in 8S loves skiing and has since she was very young.

“I like it better because I have been skiing since I was three years old, and I also like being able to detach from my skis when I fall so I don’t get really hurt like snowboarders,” she explained.

In 5N, fifty two percent of the class said they liked skiing and forty eight percent said they liked snowboarding better.

Nicolette Hoang in 5N said she likes skiing better.

“I like skiing better because it is more fun and you can always get up when you fall.”

Jackson Faust in 5N said he likes snowboarding better.

“I like it better because I skateboard and I love the feel of the board under my feet and I have a better feel for the board. I also started snowboarding only a year ago and I love it way better than the feel of little skis.”

It seems that most of the girls in each class prefer skiing over snowboarding because it is safer. Most of the boys in each class prefer snowboarding over skiing because they like the feel of a board better.

Overall, the results from the polls say that classes prefer skiing over snowboarding.

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Skiing or Snowboarding