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During Catholic Schools Week, the fifth graders and middle schoolers watched a movie called Screenagers. This movie is a documentary about kids and how much they use technology, and how that screen time affects them.

In today’s modern world, technology is a huge part of nearly everyone’s life. Most people in a normal day check their phone multiple times, watch TV, or use a computer. Even here at Saint John’s there are iPads and computers that students use. So how does all of this technology and screen time affect students?

Studies have shown negative effects of excessive screen time, such as damaging the growth and development of young children’s brains. On average, kids and teenagers have six and a half hours of screen time a day. Another subject the movie touched on was technology and using phones at school. At Saint John’s, students are not allowed to use cell phones during school, only after 3 p.m. at pick-up.

The movie showed different ways that schools and teachers handled the cell phone issue. Some had strict rules of no cell phones at all, while others let the students decide what was more important. One other major point of the movie was that social media affects peoples’ real lives. People could be mistreated, purely based on a picture they posted or something they said online.

In Mrs. Logan’s fifth grade class, it was a split argument on whether or not the movie was good or not. Thirteen students said they liked the movie, and the other thirteen said that they disliked the movie.

Sheila Russell liked the movie because, she said, “I don’t want to get addicted to my phone.”

On the contrary, Adam Boland disliked the film.

“I want a phone, and I don’t want my parents to tell me no,” he said.

Mrs. Logan’s class generally lined up with what people who wrote reviews online thought of the movie with strong opinions on both sides of the argument, some agreeing with the film’s message, and others disagreeing.

Mrs. Burke says that she chose to show this film to the school because “we were looking to inform students about the topic.” She says that the film was brought to the administrations attention by a parent. The purpose of showing the students this film also was “to have an open dialogue so parents and children can talk about it”. In addition to this, Mrs. Burke stressed the point that technology isn’t bad, everyone should just “find a balance.”

At the night time showing of the film about sixty people showed up to watch.

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