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Project Scorpio has been Released- The New Xbox One X

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Students at Saint John School have been wondering about the new Xbox One X, also known as Project Scorpio.

Improved technology has been added to the new Xbox. 4K streaming and gaming improves graphics and resolution when playing games on this device. Microsoft also added an eight core CPU that clocks at 2.3 GHz. GHz stands for gigahertz and measures cycles per second. The Xbox One X represents 2.3 billion cycles per second. Bandwidth is represented as 326 gigabytes per second. Bandwidth measures connection to the Internet to produce game graphics and game momentum. Resolution is processed at 2160p, which is the number of pixels projected by the gaming system. The higher number of pixels, the clearer the graphics. The Xbox One X also includes one terabyte of internal storage, with no hard drives included.

The Xbox One X is now for sale at $499.99 at Microsoft and other retailers. New Xbox One X games, such as Star Wars Battlefront II and Forza Motorsport 7, are Xbox One X enhanced, which adds special effects, graphics, faster load times, and added details to the games. The console was released in November.

Eighth grader Scott Sullivan shared his viewpoint on buying the Xbox One X.

“Yeah, I would like to buy it because it has a bigger memory and better graphics for gaming,” he said.

Sixth grader Alex Burkart offered a different opinion.

“I don’t really want to buy it because it has a lot of the same features,” he said.

The new Xbox seems to be popular in the gaming community, and some students seem to agree that it is new and improved. The Xbox One X has an improved graphics card, faster Internet, and a greater internal storage. Xbox Live allows gamers to play multiplayer and stream online.

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Project Scorpio has been Released- The New Xbox One X