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Third Grade First Eucharist

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First Eucharist is an exciting time for the third graders as they deepen their faith by receiving the Body and Blood of Christ in the sacrament of Eucharist. Mrs. Donna Marrero’s class received their First Eucharist on April 14 with Father Jim Bahash, while Ms. Caroline Henderson’s class received the First Eucharist on April 15 with Father Ben Awongo, AJ.

Mrs. Marrero, a third-grade teacher said, “The third graders made their final preparations after Christmastime. The third graders learn the sacred spaces of the church, go on a retreat in the Parish Hall, make their special cross of forty pieces of beach glass, and receive a beautiful Bible.”

She added, “My favorite part of the third graders’ First Communion is that I get to see children coming into the Catholic Church and receiving the First Eucharist for the first time.”

Sophie Dersarkissian, a third grader from Ms. Henderson’s class, explained that she prepared to receive the First Eucharist “by reading the book Blessed and by writing a paragraph to Jesus every day.”

Aiden Blenderman, another third grader from Ms. Henderson’s class said, “My favorite part of First Communion was when we received Jesus through the Body of Christ, and I felt closer to Jesus.”

Julieta Pareja from Mrs. Marrero’s class said, “I prepared to receive the First Eucharist by praying a lot to Jesus and by creating the special cross that we made of 40 pieces of sea glass.”

Drake Goodwin, also from Mrs. Marrero’s third grade class, shared his thoughts about receiving the First Eucharist: “At first, I was very nervous and excited, but when I got the First Communion I felt good because I knew that Jesus would be closer to me now.”

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Third Grade First Eucharist