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Many Saint John School are named after people who are famous as well as family relatives. There are also friends who give other friends nicknames because they think that it is cool to do. One of the most common nicknames is having to do with a saint, season, or even a constellation.

“My nickname is Xavier because there was a saint named Saint Francis Xavier,” said Alex Xavier Colucci from Ms. Kimberly Vangol’s fourth grade class. He also said, “I am named after Pope Alexander.” Nicknames are also hidden in people’s names. For example, in Alexander’s name, there is the name Alex, which is what everyone calls him.

“My nickname is Mic because my aunt calls me that,” said fourth grader Mikaela Korbar in Mrs. Debbie Quinn’s class. “My middle name is Jewls because my great-grandma is named Julia.”

There are many different nicknames that people give to each other for fun. Sometimes nicknames can tell a lot about others’ lives and where people came from. Nicknames can be fun, but we should always be considerate of the nicknames that we give to our friends.

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