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The Greatest Showman

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A lot of buzz has been going around recently about the new musical, The Greatest Showman. It was released last December and took the musical world by storm. The musical took place in 1865 in New York and focuses on the prospering showman, Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman.

The plot follows P.T. through many of his ups and downs in becoming a well-known showman. He is joined in the musical by A-list actors and actresses including Zendaya Coleman, who plays trapeze artist Anne Wheeler; Zac Efron, who plays wealthy playwright Phillip Carlyle; Keala Settle, who plays a bearded woman with an amazing voice; and many more. Critics from all over have been giving the musical high praise for the soundtrack, which consists of these nine songs: “The Greatest Show,” “A Million Dreams,” “Come Alive,” “The Other Side,” “Never Enough,” “This Is Me,” “Rewrite the Stars,” “Tightrope,” and “From Now On,” which can be viewed on Youtube.

Since December, the musical has brought in over $425 million. It was rated 3 out of 5 stars and has 55% Rotten Tomato meter. A few individuals from Saint John School shared their opinion on the musical.

Tanner Castellanos from Mr. Brian Mariano’s seventh grade class said, “I think the movie is okay because it has a lot of singing.”

Karis Goodwin from Mrs. Emily Mohan’s sixth grade class said, “I like the movie because of the soundtrack, and Zac Efron was my favorite actor.”

One of the middle school aides, Mrs. Esmeralda Ohlmaier, said, “I loved the music in the movie. My daughters sing to it all day.”

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The Greatest Showman