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Shake It Up over Summer

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Milkshakes are a longtime American favorite dessert. Many people like having milkshakes at diners or fast food restaurants. To make sweet summer milkshakes to enjoy with friends or family, follow the directions below.

What you will need to make a sweet cotton candy-colored milkshake:

2 pints vanilla ice cream

1/3 cup of milk per pint

(Yields 2 milkshakes, or possibly more depending on the size of the cup that you use)

The ingredients listed above are the most general ingredients for a basic vanilla milkshake. Step it up a notch and make it look and taste awesome with these simple steps and ingredients you can find at a local party store.


1 bag of hard candy (any colors that you want your milkshake to be)

Rock candy lollipops (any color, 2 per milkshake)

Vanilla frosting or whipped cream

Cotton candy (optional)

Pink and blue food dye


1. Make the base of your milkshake by combining the first set of ingredients in a blender for the base.

2. After doing that, set your base aside in the refrigerator is to keep it cold.

3) To prepare the cup, take ½ cup of frosting and spread it onto a plate. After that, roll the edge of the cup in the frosting for a sticky spot to put the hard candies.

4) When you are done rolling the cup in the frosting, take the hard candies and stick them onto the frosting, so the hard candy sticks to the frosting.

5) Let the cup cool in the refrigerator until the frosting is hard.

6) Take your milkshake base out of the refrigerator and pour it into the cup.

7. Put the optional cotton candy or whipped cream onto the top and stick in the rock candy lollipops.

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Shake It Up over Summer