Combined Fall Festival Debuts

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Every year Saint John School holds a Fall Festival to celebrate the coming of Autumn. It is an exciting and entertaining way to celebrate fall, and it is also a wonderful way to show school spirit and community.  

This year, Fall Festival was different from Fall Festivals in the past. With the rededication of the church occurring simultaneously, the school and the parish decided to combine the school’s Fall Festival with the parish’s Fiesta, creating the “Fall Fiesta” held in September.

The goal was to actively involve both the parish and the school community in celebration of fall and the rededication of the church. The Fall Fiesta included more food options, such as fresh tacos and ice cream. Logan Loebig, a student in Mrs. Katie Neal’s fifth grade class said, “I am pretty excited and looking forward to the food”.  

There were more entertainment options than in previous years, and the Fall Fiesta even had a Gaming Truck where kids could play video games.  In Mrs. Deborah Quinn’s fourth grade class, Colton Mcquaid exclaimed, “I am looking forward to seeing new games and the prizes!” The Fall Fiesta also included include bouncy houses, which were previously only used at the Fiesta. 

Taya Baranwell, a student from Mrs. Haley Mendes’ class, declared: “I am one hundred percent excited and looking forward to the food and my favorite game, Milk Bottle.” Another student, Mae Kordas in Mrs. Sydney Moeller’s class, commented, “I am very excited and looking forward to working at the Beauty Booth and the food.”  

This year’s Fall Fiesta was larger and contained more exciting activities than ever before, with its goal to include both the parish and the school in a unifying celebration of the rededication of the church and the beginning of the fall season. 


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