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Power Outage Hits St. John School

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Power is a very important necessity at Saint John School. It runs most of our school, from teaching lessons on the projector to working with second-graders on the iPads. The unexpected power outage on Tuesday, Nov. 13, shocked many students and staff and disrupted their daily school schedule. All the classes didn’t get to use technology which probably changed the classes in different ways. 

Ms. Lucy Campos in the front office said, “We couldn’t call anyone. Instead we had to do an email blast, which is an email to all the parents alerting them. Also, everything was quiet which was a big difference. It’s interesting how we depend on technology, because we were slow without it.” 

Joey Pierik in Ms. Sydney Moeller’s sixth-grade class said, “Our classroom was chaotic today, everybody was freaking out and asking if we were going to go home.”  

Preston Bove in Ms. Moeller’s class said, “The lights were off all day and I don’t think it was very different from a normal day.”  

In conclusion, power is a necessity in today’s world. Our school has electricity running throughout the whole campus. Students were worried and asking if they were going to go home. Many wanted to know why or where the power outage happened. Hopefully the Santa Ana winds will go away so the power can stay on. 

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Power Outage Hits St. John School