Putnam Spells “gypsum,” Wins St. John Spelling Bee

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The winner of the Saint John School spelling bee was Andrew Putnam from Mrs. Jenae Smith’s eighth grade class. 

The Spelling bee is an annual event with 12 students per grade, which adds up to 36 kids in total. It is a competition where each contestant must spell a given word right in order to move on to the next round. In the final two rounds, one person must spell two words right instead of just one even if the other contestant missed their word. The winner goes onto the state spelling bee, and the winner of the state spelling bee goes to the national competition. While all the participants tried hard Andrew Putnam won with Ava Madoll as his alternate. Andrew won on the word gypsum. 

Andrew Putnam, the spelling bee winner, said, “I felt relieved to win because I spent a lot of time studying and it was my last year doing the spelling bee, so I wanted to win.” 

Alex Burkart in Mr. Mariano’s seventh grade class said, “It was nerve wracking because a lot of people were watching you spell.”  

Adriana Quezada Mr. Mariano’s seventh grade class, “For me it was laid back since I had already done it. It was nerve-wracking at first, but as it went on, it was less nerve-wracking.”  

The Spelling Bee was an amazing event with lots of good spellers. Andrew Putnam was the best speller and will advance to the county Spelling Bee. After the county spelling bee, the winner will advance to a state spelling be, and after the state spelling be the winner will go to the county spelling bee in Washington DC. However, it is very hard to make it this far, and even getting passed the county spelling bee is very impressive. We wish our best luck to Andrew Putnam and congratulate him on his accomplishments he has already achieved.    



6th grade:                            

Massimo Tejada  

Ashley Elliott  

Sophia Frank  

Noelle Ruddle  

Luca Repetti  

Lauren Nguyen  

Tyler Hanlon  

Keara Holland  

Morgan King  

Nate Mikhail  

Chloe Terry-Lloyd  

Preston Bove  


7th grade:  

Giano Sammartino  

Max Shaffer  

David Hall  

Shane Garcia  

Karis Goodwin  

Braden Deneen  

Adriana Quezada  

Ava Maudal  

Patrick Armstrong  

Alex Burkart  

Kuanu Rivera  

Hudson Wells  


8th grade:  

Ailey Pierik  

Orion Erwin  

Colton A dams  

Leila Barjesteh  

Nick Felago  

Will Boyer  

Andrew Putnam  

Rhett Catlin  

MaryEl Wells  

Michael Krummenacher  

John Paul Colucci  

Patrick Rosander

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