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Amberlynn Lopardo

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Amazon is an extremely popular online shopping website, that sells everything from electronic devices to groceries and is used by many Saint John School students. 

 This website was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995, which he intended to mainly sell books. Today, Bezos is the richest man in the world, with the net worth of $134 billion. In addition to online shopping, amazon provides a swath of other services, including, Amazon Prime video, Audible (a service for streaming audio books), Prime Photos, Prime Music and Twitch Prime, which is one of the leading services for live video game streaming. Most of these services are included in Amazon’s premium membership, called Amazon Prime. A year-long membership costs $99.99 and a monthly membership that costs $10.99 a month. About 90 million people have an Amazon Prime membership. 

In Mr. Brian Mariano’s seventhgrade class, 21 students said that they had an Amazon Prime membership. Of those, 17 said they regularly order things off Amazon on a regular basis. 

 Patrick Armstrong said he uses Amazon “almost every day” and orders “food, mostly.”  

Amazon is among the most valuable companies in America (alongside Apple and Google) and does not seem to have much competition in their field. However, Walmart strives to become the new Amazon with lower prices. Many people around the world use Amazon to buy products and take advantage of other services supplied by the company.  

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