Make a Sock Bunny for Easter

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Many people like to dye and hunt for eggs on Easter, which comes on April 21, but there are many other fun crafts! One of them is building an Easter bunny out of a sock!  


One large sock 

1.5 cups of dry beans 

Two rubber bands 

Hot glue (for decorations) 

1 large cotton ball for the tail 

1 small button for the nose 

2 medium buttons for the eyes 

A piece of colorful ribbon 

A piece of colorful felt 

 How To: 

1) First fill the sock with beans leaving about 4 inches at the end the sock. When done, tie it off with a rubber band. 

2) Then you will take your other rubber band and tie it ¼ of the way below the other rubber band. This makes the head of the bunny. 

3) Cut a line straight down the very end of the sock that does not have any beans in it. 

4) Cut the two separate ends so they are shaped like bunny ears and glue the open pieces together. 

5) Cut 2 leaf shaped pieces of felt (that is smaller than one ear) and hot glue them on the inside of the ears. 

6) Take the 2 medium buttons and glue them on the head of the bunny (the smaller half) … these are the eyes.  

7) Take the small button and glue it in the center of the face as the nose. 

8) Take the large cotton ball and glue it on the back of the bunny as a tail. 

9) Finally take the ribbon and tie it around the rubber band as a bow! 

You Made A Sock Bunny!! 

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