Maturity Counts When Watching Violent Video Games

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Most kids, old and young, play video games. Most of the popular video games that kids are playing such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Battlefield involve guns and other violent acts. Parents usually have restrictions on what video games their children can play. Some think that playing the video games will disrupt their child’s behavior towards others. Other parents think that playing violent video games is okay.

What are the opinions of students at Saint John School who play the video games?

Fifth-grader Kingslee Cramer said, “It depends on the maturity, so no blood for the younger kids.” Another fifth grader, Jake Odenthal, had the same opinion. “Yes, younger kids can play if they are mature enough,” he said. Some younger children believe that it depends on the level of maturity. Icker Maillard in fifth grade said, “Older kids should be able to play because they don’t get addicted as much.”

Eighth-grader Oliver Trojanowski said, “It’s fine if they are mature enough and understand that it’s not real.” The eighth graders were much favorable about video games compared to the opinions of younger students. Another eight grader, MJ Sweeney, said, “Parents overreact too much about violent video games.”

Unlike the eighth graders, the fifth graders said it might be all right for kids their age to play video games with violence, but only if the child is mature enough, and even then it is debatable. These two opinions show there is a difference between younger and older kid’s opinions on violent video games.


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