Exotic Sports: From Fencing to Rock Climbing

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The world of sports has a big variety of options. Some include soccer, volleyball, and basketball. But there is a different genre: exotic sports. Polls were taken in the sixth grade of which exotic sport is the students’ favorite. The five options given were rock climbing, snowboarding/skiing, surfing, archery, and fencing.

Overall from the two classes, 9 out of 44 students favored rock climbing, 17 preferred snowboarding/skiing, 10 enjoyed surfing, 3 liked archery, and 5 chose fencing.

“I love snow in general, along with the feeling of skiing down the side of a mountain,” said Michael Riebe from sixth grade.

Also in sixth, Christopher Nyguen  prefers fencing. “I enjoy having experience in self-defense to protect myself at any time,” he said.

Sixth grader Noel Ruddle also had some thoughts on her favorite sport, surfing. “I really enjoy cutting back and forth on the face of a good wave, and the feeling of that is indescribable,” she said.

Overall, with all the common activities in the world, it can never hurt to mix life up with a sport a little more exotic than the usual.

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