Could Own Devices Help At School?

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Some students at Saint John School would like to bring their own electronic device to school as an alternative to the school’s older computers

Many middle-school students already have their own laptop or iPad at and are already familiar with using them for homework.  Some said they would like to use their device  during classes that rely on notes like science, social studies and Faith In Action.

In a poll of Mrs. Jenae Smith’s eighth-grade class, none of the students felt the need for them. However, in Miss Katie Neal’s sixth-grade class, 19 of 23 students wanted to bring their own laptop to school.

Sheila Russell in Miss Neal’s class said that the school’s iPads are too slow and outdated and that computers would be easier. Hudson Oxley said it would be a good idea to have his own device because he could type essays in class instead of writing them out.


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