It’s A Tossup: Airpods vs. Beats

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As more and more people begin to prefer music apps over radio, there is increasing use by students of headphones, and two brands – Beats and Airpods – are the leading products. They are both wireless, but they have different battery lifespans.

Beats Solo3’s have a 40-hour listening time, while Airpods only offer five hours of listening. Airpods have a reputation for being more stylish and portable, and Beats are seen as a higher quality product and have better noise cancelling features.

Personal preferences for seventh graders at Saint John School are split.

Hudson Wells in Mr. Brian Mariano’s class prefers Beats. “I like Beats because they are sound proof and the have a long battery life,” he said. Evan Humphrey in Mrs. Gena Heins’ class said, “I like Airpods because they look and feel futuristic.

The results were close in a survey of  Mr. Mariano’s homeroom. Nine students chose Airpods, and eight favored Beats. Overall, the students’ preferences are based on how the headphones fit their lifestyle and their taste for fashion

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