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Trending Movies

Hannah Elliott and Nora Russell

May 18, 2017

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Many award-winning movies have been introduced in 2017 that most students here at Saint John's enjoy. The selection of the movies this year are quite diverse, but great films, nonetheless. Some of these movies are La La Land,...

DIY Macarons

DIY Macarons

December 8, 2016

Summer Cupcakes

Madeline Prather and Lauren Schenk

June 19, 2016

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Teddy Bear at the Beach Cupcake Ingredients: 1 box of cake mix any color (plus water, vegetable oil, eggs called for on the cake mix box) 2 drops of blue food coloring 1 cup of whipped vanilla frosting 1 roll of Fruit-by...

Choosing Beaches

Michael Colucci and Rishi Patel

June 8, 2016

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Many students at Saint John School appreciate the beach. Luckily, many students live close to the coast of Southern California, which is filled with many different beaches. From Victoria to La Jolla, there are many beaches that...

Super Summer Activities Await

Izze Zimmerman and Annie Strange

June 7, 2016

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With summer approaching fast, many students are preparing for the break from school. While the sun is out, make sure to spend your time wisely. Some short, fun activities are a movie night, pool party, beach trip, and even a paint twister. Al...

DIY Rainbow Cake

Keely Hallinan and Hannah Elliott

May 24, 2016

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Most students here at Saint John School love baking a rainbow cake, but most everybody's favorite part is eating the cake. Annie Strange, a seventh grader in Mr. Brian Mariano's class, stated, "My favorite part about baking...

Christmas DIY

By Teddy Alberton and Raquel Pareja

December 17, 2015

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Decorations such as Christmas trees and snowflakes help to add a sense of cheer and joy. One such adornment is a jolly penguin. In a few steps, this simple craft can come to life in one's home. Tools: hot glue gun scissors paintbrushes of different sizes Mat...

DIY Lava Lamp

Lauren Boyer and Courtney Clexton

June 7, 2015

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No matter what age you are, lava lamps are fun to watch, make, and decorate rooms with.   Higher end lava lamps can range from $60-$100. Making them at home is a great way to save money, and get the same effect as these...

How to Have Fun in the Sun

June 7, 2015

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Almost every kid's favorite time of year is summer. Sometimes, people get bored or are not aware of all the fun activities they can do, some of which can be done at home. These are ways to make summer chock full of excitement,...

NL Wild, Wild West

NL Wild, Wild West

May 26, 2015