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Will Boyer, Reporter

May 22, 2018

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During Catholic Schools Week, the fifth graders and middle schoolers watched a movie called Screenagers. This movie is a documentary about kids and how much they use technology, and how that screen time affects them. In today's...

8th Grade Girls Basketball

Isabella Towne, Reporter

May 3, 2018

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The basketball team made up of girls in the Class of 2018 has done extremely well in past years. This year they plan on doing the best they can in season and attending the Our Lady of Peace tournament at the end of the season. Last...

Varsity Girls Soccer

Sophia Petraglia, Reporter

May 3, 2018

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The varsity girls' soccer team has a big reputation to uphold in the future. This past season there were not enough eighth graders to form a team, so the coaches brought some sixth graders onto the team. The two coaches are...

Saint John School Decathlon Competes with Schools Around the Diocese

Braeden Ferrone and Christain Garcia

May 1, 2018

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Saint John School's 2017-18 Academic Decathlon team placed tenth overall in a competition of 24 different Catholic schools. Mia Humphrey placed fourth in Fine Arts individual testing, and Zoebelle Hinojosa placed fourth in current...

Boys 8th Grade Basketball

Carly Ruddle and Isabella Towne

April 26, 2018

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The varsity eighth grade boys' basketball team tried their best this season. The team lost four and won three games. The team consisted of Austin McMahon, Braeden Ferrone, Christian Garcia, Elliot Gambale, Marco Alvarez, Dustin...

NFL Players Kneeling

NFL Players Kneeling

November 7, 2017

DIY Halloween Slime

Abby McQuaid and Sophie Jones

October 31, 2017

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It's time to get in the Halloween spirit! Let's get spooky and make some Halloween-themed slime. Materials: · Sparkly purple and green Elmer's glue · Black sparkles (optional) · Solution: one cup of lukewarm water...

Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI

March 30, 2017

Keeping Up with Lenten Resolutions

By Adrienne Rasmussen and Portia Rendler

May 19, 2016

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Lent is a period of time before Easter in which members of the Catholic Church give up something or add something to their daily life for 40 days as Jesus did in the desert. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday,...